Robert Harnach

Senior Partner, Managing Partner Financial Services

Bob Harnach is a C-level leader with over twenty-five years of experience driving successful growth and company turnarounds through demand strategy, change management, profit-focused IT innovation and financial discipline. His broad-reaching vision and ability stem from a long history of creating business transformations in a wide range of industries, including banking, finance, IT, hospitality and media.

Harnach began his career at Deloitte. He was recognized by Milbank Corporation, a private family wealth office, to lead as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer; going beyond accounting, focused on growth and preservation of family wealth. His wide-ranging duties involved banking, real estate, consumer products, investment selection and portfolio management. During his 14-year tenure at Milbank, Harnach implemented a series of business strategies that led to $100+ million in new wealth for family members.

While at Milbank, Harnach enabled the formation and development of the nation’s largest insurance premium finance company and the largest Chicago-based banking group, Wintrust Financial Corporation. From 1991 to 2007, Harnach used his financial acumen while serving on the Board of Directors and numerous committees for the group that included Hinsdale Bank & Trust, Lake Forest Bank & Trust and Wintrust Asset Management. The investment strategy grew the organization from zero to ninety banks with nearly $14 billion in assets. Enabling the successful unique, community-focused approach through financing and director involvement, Harnach was passionate about banking and the impact great banks have on communities and people. The customer-focused approach and positively-charged internal culture are tenets of Harnach’s approach to transforming and growing businesses.

In 2001, Harnach became President of Richmond Textiles. Within six months, he turned around this troubled and underperforming business into a future industry leader and orchestrated its acquisition by Hunter Douglas. Harnach served as President for seven years and established the Hunter Douglas brand in the hospitality market. During this period, Harnach used his combined C-level expertise in strategy, sales, finance and IT to design campaigns that increased sales more than 400%. This was the product of an engaged culture, effective management guidance, new sales distribution, as well as development of multiple web innovations that streamlined supply chain processes. He now acts in similar capacities as the Chief Operating Officer of Executive Partners.