Kevin Sander

Kevin Sander has been in leadership positions for over 20 years in Fortune 500 and personally owned businesses.  He has headed companies in the field of technology solutions, system integration, consumer goods, and telecommunications.  He believes the more profitable revenue opportunities are generally “outside of the box,” and is a creative and dynamic thinker.  He has worked with businesses at various stages of maturity, from concept to growth to maturity and exit strategy.  He has a strong understanding of how to produce results and the changing requirements of leadership as a business grows.  Further, Mr. Sander has expertise in the development of infrastructure to support business growth.

Mr. Sander has over 12 years’ experience in running an international business and recognizes the importance of sensitivity to local culture as a criteria for success.  He has a passion for B2B sales and developing sales organizations and has coached clients in securing large contracts with Fortune 500 clients and large municipalities.  In addition to strong skills in sales and developing sales systems, he utilizes his background in accounting to ensure sales efforts are tied to a measurable ROI.  Mr. Sander has a passion for identifying new technologies or processes that enable disruptive growth or efficiencies, and then implementing these technologies into existing business processes.

Kevin has a degree in Accounting from Indiana University and a Masters in Business Administration from Central Queensland University (Australia), graduating with Distinction and earning the Achievement Award for top student.