CEO, Managing Partner

Robert Oberwise, founder of Executive Partners (1989), has over four decades of international business experience working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, governments and educational institutions.

As a recognized business growth strategist and change expert, he has helped many companies redefine their go-to-market strategy and design a lean operating approach. His expertise in large-scale systems change in cross-cultural business environments has produced valuable business growth for his clients.

Mr. Oberwise is a strategic thinker and accountability master with an acute knowledge of business fundamentals, which he uses to guide organizations and executive teams to higher performance levels. He has advised leaders around the globe and his work with Board of Directors on functionality is renown. He uniquely brings business and behavioral expertise, which assists EPI clients in shifting their paradigms to produce new thinking and business results. Besides an unrelenting focus and sense of urgency, Mr. Oberwise uses a constructive, energizing and engaging approach with stakeholders. Double digit growth is not unusual for companies Mr. Oberwise has worked with.

For almost 30 years EPI a global consultancy has been driving breakthrough business change; producing transformative growth results and performance improvements. Executive Partners drives performance through four distinct and inter-related disciplines; 1) it helps companies assess and reinvent their go-to-market strategies and the supporting accountability structure, 2) it redesigns operational processes and systems for cost savings and cost avoidance taking internal agendas out of play, 3) it develops business cases for selling solutions and engaging customers and 4) it drives company change through EPI’s change acceleration process fostering speed and focus that can not be done internally. The results that Mr. Oberwise has led through Executive Partners, have provided significant positive sustainable change for his clients.

Mr. Oberwise’s previous executive management positions were with American Express, Carson Pirie Scott & Co., PIP Printing International, Xerox Corporation, and International Harvester. He graduated from Beloit College with a B.A. and from Loyola University with an M.S.I.R.

In addition to producing client growth numbers, Executive Partners has developed intellectual property with Pull Selling (PS), Marketplace Partnership Process (MPP), Business Case Solution Sales (BCSS) and Change Acceleration Process (CAP).

Mr. Oberwise recently co-authored a book entitled Developing Global Leaders – A Guide to Managing Effectively in Unfamiliar Places. The book discusses the challenges of doing business globally in places where the same business principles, practices and capabilities are different from the western business world. It helps readers avoid management mistakes and helps fast track results. Mr. Oberwise has several other publications to his credit including the Harvard Business Review, Training and Development Journal and The Conference Board.

Robert is a frequent speaker, lecturer, and facilitator of executive teams. He has worked in 15 countries around the globe.