Creating World-Class Leaders

Has your organization undergone recent changes in leadership or is in need of developing C-level global leadership talent?

For 24 years, Executive Partners has been coaching CEO’s and other C-level executives on the skills/techniques/processes for getting the “best” from their global organizations.  Sustainable leadership behavior is EPI’s specialty.

Creating The Best Path Forward

Is your organization stuck or have questions about the best path forward?

Executive Partners brings pragmatically innovative thought and objective distance to the business/market development with methodologies to create stakeholder ownership and alignment.

Managing Challenging Change

Is your organization facing or resisting the need for significant change?

Executive Partners can lay out the execution plan and message for compelling transitions, engaging the organization to overcome resistance, save cost and create speed to operational excellence.

Developing & Acquiring Capital

Does your organization need capital to grow or move the next big idea to market?

When capital is required to grow your business, Executive Partners can help to obtain and structure an appropriate capital transaction.  EPI has a variety of capital sources and deal making approaches.

Clients the world over contact us to help them;


  • Develop the best path(s) forward
  • Develop/acquire needed capital
  • Create world-class leaders


  • Integrate mergers and acquisitions
  • Defeat existing and expected competition
  • Recover from a bad business year(s)
  • Expand internationally
  • Integrate new products and technologies



  • Create innovative, efficient, and effective processes
  • Improve organization alignment, energy, and skills
  • Improve margins, profits, and ROA


We have the expertise, capabilities, and experience to help you GO BEYOND where you are to the “next level”.

Developing Global Leaders:

A Guide to Managing Effectively in Unfamiliar Places

Bob Johnson

Rob Oberwise