Tips to Unlocking Potential Performance
When examining your team or organization, there may not be clear signs for potential of growth and performance. How do you as a leader of the team find and unlock potential performance and create growth? Here are some tips.
The book, The Art of Possibility, tells us that the human mind likes to categorize and organize incoming data in order to make sense of it. This organization, of course, is based on the world we believe we know. This process will vary from person to person because we all interpret the world differently.

Unlocking potential performance requires breaking through the organizing process and seeing work or business in a new and different way. Oftentimes, businesses can get stuck in their own little world. It can be difficult to see past "the way it is" or the "way it's always been" and develop new ways to tackle business. In this case, it becomes important to see different perspectives, and these differing perspectives then hold up a mirror, and show us what is simply not working any longer and alternate pathways.
One tip for unlocking the potential performance of your organization, individual, or group of employees, is to "declare the future". This essentially means to lay out a direction for a greater vision which becomes a very powerful tool that can engage and energize others into working towards that vision with passion. An example of "declaring the future" could be: "I want to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade". It creates a focus for planning as well as a time frame in order to stay organized and work in unison towards that goal. This type of process takes some courage since one does not really know if one can get there or not. It also requires balance in setting, since it's a stretch, yet it needs to be possible.

The results of declaring the future can be incredible. It also doesn't require much to declare these goals. It can be as simple as saying you want to be "the best operating airline in North America", or you want "Double Digit Industrial Market Growth", or perhaps "someday you will run the company".

Undeniably, it takes more than just a Declaration of the Future to produce results. It needs hard work and dedication. It also must be supported by focus and resources. It cannot simply be an empty wish. The good news is that it unlocks potential performance greater than one ever thought possible; it shifts mindset in directions that one may not have even considered before. There is immense potential for growth when you create a narrative and implement plans to achieve that goal.

Unlocking potential sometimes needs another set of eyes.
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