Leader Development

  • Do you have a high potential leader who needs development?
  • Have you entered international markets with different cultures?
  • Are you anticipating a significant transition in your leadership ranks?
  • Have you just merged with or acquired a company?
  • Have your managers had difficulty achieving results?


Leadership skills are a make-or-break determinant in successful organizations and they are often the least addressed.  We develop customized programs for our clients that are an integral part of the organization’s strategies, goals, and objectives.  Our process typically includes;

A detailed candidate assessment including;

  • Current strengths and weaknesses
  • Existing leadership capabilities
  • Career goals and performance objectives

Identification of specific development goals and objectives

Integration of performance objectives with development objectives

Creation of a development plan including;

  • Direct coaching
  • Practical exercises using existing work projects and circumstances
  • Skill development activities

Routine review of plan with superiors and human resource professionals

Direction of plan implementation including;

  • On-going candidate interaction to analyze success/failures and modify plan accordingly
  • Engaging superiors in the process with interactive assessments including key milestones


We specialize in C-level leadership development in both domestic and international markets.  We perform our process with both existing development candidates and new individuals who require a full on-boarding program.