Operations Execution

  • Are old strategic plans “gathering dust” in a file?
  • Are you having a problem executing good strategies?
  • Do you have “siloed” departments or business units that don’t communicate or cooperate?
  • Are your processes and people “stretched” beyond their capabilities and capacity?
  • Have competitors “out innovated you”?
  • Has technology become an enemy instead of an ally?


Organizations dedicate time and resources to create and execute strategies to achieve their goals and then discover they do not achieve what was expected.  In many cases, the problem is not the strategy but the execution plans and processes.  Execution is different than strategy.  It is;

  • Operation-driven rather than market-driven.
  • Action-oriented, make-things-happen tasks.
  • Strategy requires few; execution requires everyone.


We provide the assessment and tools to ensure great strategies deliver great results.   Executive Partners help our clients plan, manage, and evaluate the execution process.  This typically involves;

  • Financial and operational capability and capacity assessments
  • Development of success criteria and measurement systems
  • Lean and process re-engineering
  • Skills assessments with new training and development programs
  • Correlation of reward, recognition, and development programs with outcomes
  • Development of supportive communications plans
  • Integrations of roles, responsibilities, and timetables with current conditions

When you engage Executive Partners your strategies will be embraced and executed with results that exceed your expectations!