Strategy Development

  • Is your organization having trouble growing or even sustaining where you are?
  • Does your organization need a “game changing” business strategy or strategic plan?
  • Is your sales force not delivering, your brand fading, or manufacturing costs rising?
  • Do you have a financial problem that seems insurmountable?
  • Are you considering a merger or acquisition?

If you are facing any of these and other challenges, you need an aligned transformational growth strategy from Executive Partners. We work collaboratively with you to obtain a detailed understanding of your needs and then develop the best path forward. Our process typically involves;

  • A comprehensive business and organizational assessment
  • An examination of the current vision, mission, and strategies employed
  • Detailed market analysis and benchmarking
  • Identification of the key “game changing” opportunities

If these opportunities involve mergers, acquisitions, alliances or partnerships, we can provide analysis and transition management services.

  • Development of division and functional strategies to capture opportunities
  • Identification of critical success factors
  • Development of execution plans
  • Creation of financial implications with identification of required capital resources

We link the new plans, strategies, and tactics with current processes so an effective and efficient transition takes place from the old to the new.  Above all else, we want our strategies to be living documents that are embraced by your organization and can be expediently adapted to changing conditions and markets.