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Developing Global Leaders

A Guide to Managing Effectively in Unfamiliar Places

By Bob Johnson and Rob Oberwise

“A must read for anyone working on the global stage. Practical, insightful, and full of lessons learned, this book should be required reading for every business executive that conducts business outside the United States.”
—Bob Knowling, Chairman, Eagles Landing Partners

“In nine concept-based chapters, the authors present a rich assortment of real examples, practical guidelines, and succinct advice based on their extensive international experience…This book will give you experienced executives’ views on how to manage in developing economies with an excellent heads-up on the cultural pitfalls to avoid.”
—James G. Clawson, Johnson & Higgins Professor of Business, The Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

“Developing Global Leaders by Bob Johnson and Rob Oberwise is a timely and realistic accumulation of fantastic lessons and ideas about how to get things done in the global marketplace. The book is honest, witty, and filled with facts that will help anyone attempting to advance their products and services on a global basis.”
—Michael M. Crow, President, Arizona State University
Working in a developing country can be both a tremendous challenge and a tremendous opportunity, but most business leaders struggle mightily when transitioning from working in the U.S. or any modern country to working in Shanghai, Dubai, Nairobi or Pune. Leaders often find themselves bewildered and frustrated by the unwritten and often unacknowledged cultural dictates of a given country, and they can struggle with everything from motivating direct reports to getting deals done. In Developing Global Leaders, Johnson and Oberwise provide inside information about working outside traditional business environments and present nine rules that will serve leaders well no matter where they’re stationed. As readers will discover, these rules are not taught in typical global leadership courses. Instead, they have emerged from the author’s combined 40 years of experience leading companies in foreign countries and from their efforts to coach others in all parts of the globe.Bob Johnson, Chairman of Spirit Aerospace, has 40 years of leadership experience in global markets with major corporations like GE, Allied Signal, Honeywell, and Dubai Aerospace. He has served as a CEO and as a board member of numerous public and private companies, as well as universities; his experiences have included significant periods working in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Rob Oberwise, CEO and managing partner of Executive Partners, a global transformational strategy and operational excellence consultancy, has over three decades of international business experience. Rob has coached hundreds of global executives at fortune 500 firms, mid-cap corporations, government entities, and educational institutions.