Customer Success Consulting
We help you Build a Customer Success Program and Make it Work for Your Business
EPI provides CS Technical Support and Resources. Achieving quick impactful results averaging 10x return on investment. If you need to select a CS Software, EPI can help. If you've selected and initiated a CS Software, EPI can make it work for your business.
We speed the realization of value available in a CS platform.
CS Software Selection
CS Technical Execution
Linking CS to Business Strategies
CS Stakeholder Enrollment and Enablement
CS Process Design

  • We start where you are
  • We make CS technically work with practicality for your business
  • We Identify ways to Optimize CS and next level data
  • We are a source for next level customer value improvement and engagement
  • Totango, gain sight, catalyst, Turn Zero, configurator expertise
As we do the technical CS work we...
ID your changing market needs and their connection to CS
Find ways to simplify the CS/CSM actions and responses
Look for ways to iterate/improve your results
Identify opportunities and execute digital workflows

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