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For more than 30 years, EPI has built a track record of producing extraordinary business and leader results.
Global Quick Service Restaurant:
Redesigned kid's meal toy production process
> $55M annual savings
Global Retail Clothing Co.: Utilized technology and change process to improve speed to implement floor product placement across 1,100 stores
> Reduced time to store layout plan from 7 days to 7 minutes, saving $2 million annually
City Government:
Designed a recovery plan for municipality's future financial sustainability
> $2M annual cost savings and stable financials within 3yrs
US Airline:
After catastrophic event – reinvented into best operating airline in US
> Revenue growth in millions
Large US Bank:
Redesigned technology's approach to support a bank through a strategic partnership
> Reduced technology costs by $10M annually and integrated IT with business needs
National Building Materials Supplier: Facilitated selection of new document management system and financial reporting system to replace obsolete legacy ERP
> Mitigated risk of catastrophic failure of legacy system while also improving multiple department processes
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Creating Centered Leaders Who Can Effectively Lead and Manage Improvement and Change
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