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Our world is constantly changing, and the pace of change is increasing exponentially. Information by the end of World War II was doubling every 25 years. Today information is doubling faster than annually and projected with the build of the "internet of things" to double as fast as every 12 hours. This exponential growth of human knowledge coupled with new technologies of every variety, not to mention global pandemics, are changing customer and business expectations. This world of significant change requires businesses to see beyond their perspective, as well as to be agile implementators of change.
Who is EPI?

Founded in 1989 EPI is a Business Improvement Consultancy managing the complexities of change.

Committed to unprecedented performance improvement in businesses, governments, education institutions and the leaders who run them.

We focus on unlocking hidden potential and opportunities through innovative engaging improvement strategies, technology improvements and upgrades, data and financial analytics, win-win implementation designs creating efficiencies and effectiveness and change leadership that uncovers the path forward and aligns organizational behavior.

We solve go-to-market, operational, technology, leadership and cultural change challenges.
Why EPI?
Although the pace of changing markets and customer expectations is accelerating many businesses, education institutions and government entities are still using the same old ways and systems to organize, manage, communicate, process and engage employees and customers. EPI specializes in breaking through this organizational "stuckness".

EPI specializes in helping stakeholders to "see" new ways, providing designs, tools, technology solutions and data, to drive improvement with change implementation, producing "real" organizational improvement.

If you're a business, government, or education institution the content is different, but the insights and change methods have similarities.

For more than 30 years, EPI has built a track record of producing extraordinary business and leader results.
What we do.
It is hard to do brain surgery on yourself. Often EPI finds itself representing the customer and market perspective. We begin with a robust quantitative and qualitative diagnostic process. We evaluate the circumstances standing in a different, objective place. We identify what needs to change, create an appropriate design and business case the current and future states. We test our approach with Subject Matter Experts, other company/industry experience and best practices. We engage stakeholders along the way cocreating to create the best possible solutions. Finally, we layout the roadmap for implementation and tools to manage the improvement process. Our secret sauce is finding and unlocking "new pathways" that have been overlooked for a variety of reasons and then effectively engaging those who need to change with ownership and behavior reinforcers. The results speak for themselves.
How we help

Because we are dealing with people and process our work is highly customized to each client. We help companies and individual leaders to achieve new potential, overcoming challenges they had not considered possible. Our focus is on improving the business and its leaders for the benefit of customers and employees. It is a win-win -win!
"Do what the 99% are not doing"
- Simon Sinek
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