Tom Drucker is trained as a clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, and attended the graduate Business School of UCLA. Tom's work is based on sound science. Tom is widely known for tailoring leadership development programs to meet the strategic goals of organizations. Tom teaches leaders to shift from their reactive mindsets to sustainable growth mindsets. His executive and team coaching products rapid business results. Tom is certified to administer well-validated employee selection and development instruments. He is a sought after speaker, workshop leader, and partners with both public and private organizations to do strategic planning and facilitate meetings in the US and abroad.

Prior to founding Consultants in Corporate Innovation, Tom was recruited from the Business School to wok from the Chairman of The Xerox Corporation to run a global division that created strategies and programs to educate all 230,000 Xerox leaders and associated about the companies's digital future.

Tom holds a Masters' in Positive Psychology from UCLA and completed all coursework fro a PhD. in Behavioral science before taking a leave of absence to move to Connecticut for Xerox. "I decided running a global organizations was more exciting than writing a dissertation".

As an undergraduate, Tom studied in Vienna with Dr. Viktor Frankl. He later has the honor to be mentored by Dr. Abraham Maslow, who suggested he transfer from the School of Psychology to the Business School.
"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected" - William Plomer
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